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Updated on April 8th, 2020

When you will say about hair straightner, then it can be said that all the straightenrs have some basic features and there are a few features those are special. All the manufacturers are trying to improve their features beyond just heat and primary material. When I see a straightener which is included decorated box and fancy names on the box. I try to find something new from those products beside well developed weather tracking system. FLAT IRON DOPPLER MEGA 9000 can be a good example for this.

The think which will create your high level of attention within a short time, that is, when you will find that, the Rusk Professional Str8 Titanium-Infused Ceramic Flat iron had a cover on the plate which is known as Sol-gel plate technology. I was flared to try that so called high quality coating supposed to do better than my straightener. So I am going to present you the Rusk RSK686/RSK732 Str8 Iron Review.



  • Gel consideration: The sol-gel coating helps to straighten your hair by pulling the straightener easily through your hair. It gives you more control over your hair gives you a smooth pulling with your mane. If you ask me about the most attractive side of this Sol-Gel coating, then here I am providing you an opinion of one of my well-known person, “I never had a problem like this and if you have this type of problem you can try this product.”
  • Good for all hair textures: Another important facility of this product is, this hair straightener claims to do thing a lot other irons can never get to does. When you will see that, different irons are doing well through different hair texture, it can be difficult for African American people with thick hair that keep the hair soft and straight. This straightener does a great job with this problem. And finally, if you find something as identity which will be wonderful and highly attractive for an iron, and beside this, if you want that this will takes the cake due to the best quality endorsement yet, then this product will be the excellent decision for you. The temperature doesn’t go much long but the highest end does. If you see that, there is the low end of the temperature level, don’t be upset. It doesn’t get low at all that the top end does. The temperature starts from 280 degrees and can go up to 450 degrees. So you can use it for almost all kind of hair types and textures.
  • Size Options for All Locks: One of the most attractive sides of this product is, you have a great option for multiple choosing. That neans, this Rusk RSK686/RSK732 Str8 Iron comes in two different sizes and you should choose depending on which type of straightening you want. It is recommended to use the smallest one to use as a curling iron or trying to do any special trick. If you want to use just as a straightener you should go for the longer version. So, choose anyone from one inch RSK686 and 1.25 inch RSK732.
  • Spend A Little more and Save Money: Reading the heading, I think you have understood that, about which advantage I am going to discuss. Well, his straightening iron is bit more expensive and it is worthy. You can use this product in long run and it gives you saloon perfect finish. It saves your money which you would spend in saloon to get a specific look. This straightener minimizes the damage to your hair and you will finally thank to this product. So, use this product and stay yourself within your budget. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity, and think at least for one time about this product before buying a hair straightner.
  • Wonderful When It Works: Unfortunately, a lot of irons we see on the market, these can just stop working at that point. There are only a few flat irons in the market while some of them do this, but there is definitely a run of these that seem to just stop working. I’m not sure what it is about hair straighteners that make this so usual, As though a lot of brands have this problem this one should not be alone. So, you must also be careful about this matter when you will go for buying a hair straightner.


  • The Heat Will Stay On Forever: This must be a problematic side for you in this product. Despite all the features it doesn’t have the important feature it should have. It will stay on until you do not shut it down, that means it has not the auto shut off feature. While you use the product you have to be cautious as it may burn your house if you leave it on. So this is the part to worry about. So, last of all, I will say that, this is a good product for you, but you have to be highly careful about this product at the time of using this product. Sometimes some people get afraid on this product at the time of buying straightner.
  • Short locks should probably look elsewhere: this can be another problematic side for you. It is not possible for small passes because of the shape of the straightener. It is not good for small passes. Short hairs tend to be time killing and spend more time near the face and it can burn easier than other irons. So, people, those who have small passes also get frighten at the time of buying hair straightner about this product.

My recomondation

Last of all, I will say that, you have leaned the fascinated sides and the disadvantages of the product. So, it is fully depending on your judgment that, whether you will receive as a good product or bad product. But, another important side of this product is needed to say you that, it will must be a budget friendly product for you. Every product has both good and bad sides. This product is not out of them. So, this product has also some problematic sides. But these problems are controllable. So, when you will go to market for buying a hair straightner, you may bring this product under consideration beside some other better product.

Revlon Hair Straightener

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