10 Lovely Summer Hairstyles for your Medium Hair in 2020: You Must Try It!

Updated on June 23rd, 2020

If you are looking for summer hairstyles for medium hair, you may try the hairstyles given below.

When it comes to hair, we try to romanticize summer. In this time we also try to cope with the intensity of the heat of the sun and of the humidity. And prepare ourselves to differentiate in everything. So, Hair style is a major part in our life to have some variation.

Don’t worry. We have made the task easier for you to find perfect hairstyles. We have got some lovely hairstyles for you to make yourself look beautiful in this summer too. With these whatever your hair type is, you may follow the hairstyle undoubtedly.

Let’s have a look at the hairstyles.

1. Half-Up Top Knot with Straight Hair


This hair styles are one of the comfortable and easy hair styles which would go with any shape of faces. The hair style would look perfect if you have silky and straight hair. Here half of the hair would have knot or bun in the top and the rest of the hair would be banged

2. Sleek Bun


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Sleek bun is a simple bun in the top of thehair. The hairstyle would go with any size and type of hair weather it is long, medium, short,curly,wavy or silky. The style would look lovely in any shape of face.

3. Messy Updo


You may use the clips or sprays for this hairstyle. You need to adjust more than one knot in this messy updo. You may use color in your hair here. The hairstyle would go with long and medium hair. And it would also go with any type of hair weather it is silky, curly or wavy.

4. Faux Bob


Faux Bob is a lovely hair style for medium sized silky or wavy hair. The hair style would look lovely in any shape of faces. And it is better selection for summer in the middle-east zone.

5. Retro Ponytail


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It is one of the stylist hairstyles in the summer. In this hair style the hair would have a knot on the top or the side of the hair and the rest of the hair would banged all over. The hair style is very much easy to process.

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